Membership Rules

Membership Rules

1. Parking: Please park along Rancher. Parking is limited, so walking, bussing, or biking is best!

2. Hours of Operation: The garden is open officially from May 1 through October 1 from dawn until 9:00 p.m.  Please respect these hours, as we want to be a good neighbor to all the May Park residents.

3. Garden Plot Maintenance:  Please keep your plot maintained.  You are responsible for the weeds in and around your own garden plot.   Remember that when weeds in your plot go to seed, they spread throughout the whole garden.  Veggies should be harvested as they become ripe.  This will limit vandalism, and keep the garden looking nice.  Plots that are not planted and harvested throughout the season (neglected) will lose their plot for the next year.  Please refrain from planting outside of your own rented plot.  This includes community areas (i.e. walkways and near fences) and empty plots. 

4. Volunteer Hours:  We are requiring that each garden member volunteer 1 hour each month, May-September towards their communal job (included on the application and list in shed).

5.  Overall MaintenancePlease maintain the pathways immediately adjacent to your plot- keep them free from garbage and weeds. 

6. Hoses:  Please be aware of hoses and water use.  We pay for the water we use.  Also, coil hoses and leave sprayers near hose bibs, so they don’t get run over by foot and wheelbarrow traffic.  Sprinklers on timers are not allowed in the garden. 

7. Children:  Please do not leave your children unattended in the garden.

8. Garbage:  PACK IN AND PACK OUT (dumping our garden garbage in the May Park garbage cans overloads their collection system, please bring bags home.) 

9. Insecticides and Herbicides:  The community garden is maintained in an organic manner- therefore, the use of insecticides made from synthetic chemical materials is strictly prohibited in the plots.

10. Purchased soil or compost must be organic. (No Miracle Gro)

11. Radios:  Radios are prohibited in the garden.  Please wear headphones if you want to listen to music. 

12. Dogs:  Dogs are NOT allowed in the garden. 

13. Height Restrictions:  Please consider the fact that you will be shading your neighbors’ garden if you have structures in your garden that are over 5’ tall. 

14. Compost:  There is currently a composting bin in the garden.  This needs to be taken care of regularly.  There will be directions on the composting bin and posted in the shed. This will also be part of volunteer hours. 

15. No smoking in the garden:  Tobacco can transmit a lethal disease to tomatoes.  Please smoke outside the garden fence if you need to.

16. Information Board:  Check out the information board inside the shed for important notices. 

17. Garden Prices$55 per plot, $45 for senior (55 and older)/and any disabled.  $15 for an educational plot. 

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