Welcome to May Park

As a new garden owner we want to extend a warm greeting to you. May you have a successful planting, growing, and harvesting this summer season 2018!

Orientation for newcomers:
  • May “Wine and Weed” : May 19, from 4-6. 
  • Join our FACEBOOK page—JH Community Garden
  • Join our Team Snap app—https://go.teamsnap.com
  • Find more information posted at : jhcommunitygarden.com
  • Tools are available for your use. Please clean them as best you can before putting them back in the shed.
  • Please honor that we are an organic garden.
  • We need you to weed the pathway areas around your plot. It may be a huge task at first, but by weeding weekly, we will have a garden to be proud of!
  • Pack in, Pack Out all trash and weeds.
  • NEVER put the weeds in the compost.
  • Only compost garden waste. Cut it up as small as possible using clippers
  • If you need help watering, place a red flag in your plot. If you see one, water away! 

You will have questions and concerns as you setup your plot. We have a team in place to help you in any way. Please contact one of us.

Lisa Lowenfels
Plot #2

Leah Dow
Plot #46

Andy Palzkill
Plot #27

Josh Miller
Plot #48

Thank you!

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